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Inevitable Electronics, founded in 2014 with corporate headquarter in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh has been engaged in PCB assembly and electronics products marketing since its inception.

We are planning to setup a State-of-the-art PCB assembly unit for Mobile phones, Tablets and Set Top Boxes with cumulative manufacturing capacity of 6 Lakhs units per annum. Our assembly unit has been proposed to be located in Greater Noida near to National Capital Territory- New Delhi.

We are also into marketing of electronics products in India and abroad. Currently, we are into marketing of Space Sanitizers which is an innovative product to protect your family from airborne viruses and bacteria.


Restless Curiosity: We like challenge, change and to be always learning. We are independent thinkers, constantly curious about the world and how to make it better for everyone

Creativity: We bring together the brightest minds to inquire, problem solve, invent and achieve the best outcomes Partnership: We are at our best when we work with you to help define and solve problems, and deliver solutions

Collaboration: We develop trust-based relationships that allow us to do our best work Respect: We are inclusive, respecting the environment and everyone with whom we work, valuing all people and cultures equally

Integrity: We deliver on our promises, behave ethically Commitment: We aim to turn obstacles into sustainable solutions for you and the lives you touch, by maintaining unswerving focus on your needs


To be the most preferred & trusted assembly & marketing partner to brands operating across verticals

What we do offer

PCB Assembly

We propose to foray into assembly of Mobile Phones, Tablets and Set Top Boxes by 2021. We foresee robust growth opportunities in these segments and is expected to significantly contribute to the company’s revenues.

We provide ideal, innovative and tailor-made consumer electronics that are top notch, defect-free, cost-efficient and suit the modern taste and preference of our customers across the globe.

  • Mobile Phone

    Indian smartphone industry is gaining ground with entry of new brands along with existing ones. Reason for such growth is primarily due to easy financing on purchasing of mobile phones, with widely available monthly equated schemes (EMI) and liberal policies of Indian government. Demand of mobile phone in India is expected to grow from USD 28 billion in FY17 to USD 61 billion in FY21. In the overall demand, domestic production volume of smart phones is expected to increase to 360 million units by FY21 and for feature phones it is expected to increase to 221 million units by FY21.

  • Set-Top Box (STB) market is growing rapidly due to the expansion of DTH and introduction of the Conditional Access System (CAS) in metros. The total count of DTH subscribers in the country stood at 69.30 million in 2019.

Space Sanitizer

The spread of the COVID -19 can happen through air and water droplets when people cough or sneeze. Referring to several recent studies, People who have been living in places that are more polluted over time are more likely to die from COVID-19. In order to prevent from being infected to COVID and to reduce odors, allergies, bacteria, germs and viruses, Space Sanitizer can be useful. The product is useful to

  • Denatures and inactive viruses and bacteria
  • Relieve from toxic substance & allergies
  • Natural oxidation and Super clean air
  • Application

    Providing congenial environment free from germs, bacteria pollen and dust. You can use "Space Sanitizer" in Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, and Basement.

    Health Care

    Ensuring sterilized atmosphere to protect the wellbeing of your near ones. You can use "Space Sanitizer" in Critical-care facilities, Burn units, Organ transplant wards, Microbiology labs.

    Work place and Institutes

    Providing dust free environment that enhances the performance and productivity. "Space Sanitizer" can be useful for Schools, Day-Care Centers, Office cabins and Conference halls.

  • Removes 99% of bacteria, viruses and germs
    Disinfect pet hair and pet dander
    Prevent you from allergies, asthma and respiratory issues
    Mini air cleaner for your rooms
    Refresh the air from all smells and odor
    No filter air cleaner for easy operation
    Removal of cigarette and other types of smoke odor
    Neutralises harmful VOCs & other toxic gases
    No harmful ozone
  • Plug N Play Device: Ready to use and no installation required
    Safe and Zero chemical: Space Sanitizer is Eco-friendly as No toxic chemicals generated
    Portable: Compact size makes it convenient to use in bedroom or office
    No Filter: It does not collect any dust inside. No maintenance required
    No Side Effects: It does not have any negative side effects on your health
Product Specification
Particulars Specifications
Electrical Input 100 - 300 V | 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 2 W
Operating Temperature 0° to 65° (With no icing or condensation)
Operating Humidity 15% to 85% (With no condensation)
Indicators Red LED Power Indicators
Dimensions 20 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 3 cm (H)
Color White
Effective Range 120-180 Sq Ft
How Space Sanitizer Works?

An air ionizer electrically charges the surrounding air or oxygen ions to produce charged particles -negatively charged oxygen ions (O2-)

These negative ions attach to harmful particles like PM2.5, PM10, viruses, and bacteria to form clusters

Airborne particles become heavier & are unable to float in the air. Heavier airborne particles, therefore, fall to the ground



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Inevitable Electronic believes that our people makes all the difference. We provide the disciplined, pleasant and stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. The idea is to add value in whatever function the personnel are performing through learning, innovation, and experiments. Building human resources is a continuous and focused process for us, which includes recruitments, training and personality & skill development programs.

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